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Frequently asked questions

How does the programme work?

SA Specialist is an online, independent study course. This means that you study in your own time, when it suits you, and that all your course material, including any tests you are required to take, is accessed online. There are two courses:

● SA Specialist: Essentials
● SA Specialist: Experiences

For the Essentials course, you must complete all required course modules, including a final assessment, with a final pass mark of 80% to become a qualified SA Specialist.

Once you’ve become an SA Specialist by completing the Essentials course, you qualify for the video-rich SA Specialist: Experiences course. There are seven experiences; choose one experience, or choose them all – it’s up to you. You will need 80% to pass the multiple-choice test at the end of the relevant experience.

What will it cost to do the SA Specialist course/s?

The courses are free. All the study material you will require to pass the course/s can be found online. Access to the internet and self-motivation are all you need. There is nothing else to buy.

Does my SA Specialist qualification belong to me?

Your SA Specialist qualification belongs to you, not your employer. You take it with you if you move to another branch in your company or to a new job.

How long do I have to complete my SA Specialist course/s?

SA Specialist: Essentials – you have three months (90 days) from the date on which you enrol to complete the course.

SA Specialist: Experiences – there is no time limit for this course.

What do I get if I pass the course?

You will receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the SA Specialist: Essentials or SA Specialist: Experiences courses, and you will be entitled to use the name SA Specialist or South African travel expert in your marketing materials.

What if I need help with my SA Specialist course?

South African Tourism has an email address you can contact: saspecialist@southafrica.net

What happens if I cannot complete my SA Specialist: Essentials course in the required time?

You will need to restart your course from the beginning.


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