SA Specialist

The SA Specialist programme is an interactive learning experience designed to improve your knowledge of South Africa and equip you with the skills to sell South Africa as a tourist destination; in essence, you become an expert on South African travel, giving you the opportunity to market yourself as such and to improve the level of service you give to clients. Click here to get started.

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SA Specialist: Experiences

The SA Specialist: Experiences programme is an online learning course designed to expose those who have completed the SA Specialist programme to a series of fantastic South African experiences. Knowledge of these experiences will vastly improve your ability to sell the country as a tourist destination and assist you in compiling ever-more attractive travel packages.

There are seven categories of experiences to choose from when doing the course. You can choose to complete only one of them, all seven, or any number in between – it’s entirely up to you. However, we recommend completing all of them – the more you know, the better you can sell the country.

Note: the SA Specialist programme must be completed before starting the SA Specialist: Experiences programme

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